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Medical Insurance

American Plan Administrators Cigna PPO – RBP Plan

Medical888.624.6300, Group Number: 32130

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RBP Plan Assistance
ELAP 855.541.2303

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Pharmacy Benefit​

Pro Act | Cigna PPO- RBP Plan

Pharmacy877.635.9545 Available 24/7, 365 days a year Get answers to all of your prescription benefit questions including mail order by clicking the link below.

Dental Insurance

Sun Life | PPO Basic-Enhanced-HMO

Dental800.442.7742 Policy Number- 963693 Friendly Reminder to Let Your Dentist Know Your Coverage Has Changed to Sun Life! Find Your Dental ID Card Online

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New & Noteable

SunLife Disability Benefits SunLife 800.247.6875 Policy # 963693 Aflac Group Benefits Aflac: 800.433.3036 CANARX Mail Order RX Simple.Safe.Smart. 1-866-893-6337 WebID: ENHANCE

Health Savings Account


HSA & FSA 877.943.2287 Got Questions? Need Help? Need a Replacement Card? Call or Click the Link Below

401k FAQs

To be eligible, you must be 19 years of age, and completed one month of service. 

Once eligible, you may enroll at any time. Your benefits will go into effect on the first of the month following your completed enrollment. 

You can contribute towards a traditional 401k or a Roth 401k. A traditional 401k contribution is pre-tax, reducing your taxable income, but the withdrawals are taxed. A Roth 401k contribution is post-tax, with tax-free withdrawals.

Once you have setup an account with Fidelity, you may rollover funds from another retirement plan at any time following your first day of work, provided there are no rollover restrictions from your previous plan.

Any employee enrolled in the 401K plan, who has worked a minimum of 1,000 hours within the Plan Year, is eligible. 

The discretionary match is calculated annually at the conclusion of the plan year and necessary plan testing. Eligible employees will automatically be included in any funded match.   

Although the match is discretionary, historically, the Company has matched 4% of the employee’s deferral annually.   For example, an employee earning $65,000 annually and investing the maximum 15% into his/her 401K plan will have 4%  of their deferral matched by the company. ($65,000 x 15% x 4% = $390 matched by the Company) 

Anything you contribute is always 100% vested and yours. After one year of employment, the Company typically matches a percentage towards your 401(k) Plan. However, you can keep the Company contributions only after three years of employment and a minimum of 1,000 working hours each year. 

Employees already employed for three years or more and meeting the hour requirements are considered fully vested and entitled to the Company’s contributions. 

Yes!  For personalized financial and retirement planning advice, contact our independent financial advisor, Harry Appel at 212-494-9090 or by scheduling an appointment by emailing  

Changes in percentages or dollar amounts can be made by logging in to the online portal  Changes will go into effect the first of each month.   

To move your money between different funds, log in to the online portal at and make your changes directly with Fidelity.  You may also contact a Fidelity representative for assistance at 800-294-4015.  

You may cancel your 401K Plan contributions at any time by logging in to or by contacting Fidelity at 800-297-4015. 

You can create an account with Fidelity after 1 month of employment by going to or calling a representative at 1-800-294-4015.

Medical/Dental/Vision Benefits FAQs

If you have an upcoming appointment or need the card/ID number American Plan Administrators can provide a copy via email. Members should email Enhance Therapies Medical at for the request. If you would like duplicate cards mailed, please log on their website and register at or feel free to reach out to American Plan Administrators 888-624-6300 Group Number 32130.

Click on the link below to register with SunLife. For more information, to register by phone, or if you need help, please call 800-247-6875, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.


It is important that you tell your providers to verify coverage and eligibility as indicated on your ID card only through American Plan Administrators (APA) at the phone # listed on your ID card. If they attempt to verify your coverage directly through the Cigna website, it will not work and it will say you are inactive/not covered.
Providers must call APA to verify coverage and eligibility at 888-624-6300.


Providers cannot submit claims online to Cigna, they MUST mail claims to the address at the top right of your ID card. If they try any other way, it will not work. Please communicate this to your providers.


Phone numbers to verify eligibility and coverage:
Medical plan – American Plan Administrators 888-624-6300
Pharmacy plan – ProAct Rx 877-635-9545

Please instruct the provider to follow the instructions listed on your ID card to verify your coverage and eligibility. Since we use a 3rd party Plan Administrator, the provider should contact American Plan Administrators (APA) and NOT Cigna.  Have the provider call 1-888-624-6300 to verify coverage.

Please submit a ticket to HR through ‘People Assist‘ in UKG.

No, benefit changes may only be done once a year during the open enrollment period. An exception to this rule is only made for a qualifying life event, i.e., marriage, birth of child, loss of coverage, etc.

Please contact Panda People at (800) 995-0171 no later than 30 days from the life event. You will need to submit documentation to support the life event.

For a complete list of benefits and contact information please visit the 2024 employee benefits guidebook or click the link below to view the benefits microsite

Prescription Coverage FAQs

Prescription coverage is automatically included with all medical plan options. You do not need to enroll separately and will not get a separate prescription card.

The Prescription plan is administered by ProAct Rx. They can be reached at 877.635.9545 and the number can also be found on the back of your ID card.

All chain stores, such as CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, Target, etc.… would be covered. For any smaller ‘mom and pop’ stores, please ask the pharmacy or contact ProAct to confirm.

Once a prescription has been refilled at your local pharmacy for 3 months, you will be required to use the mail order option available through ProAct. Registration is simple! Also, a 3-month prescription with multiple refills will need to be sent by your treating doctor directly to ProAct. Please allow several weeks processing and mailing time before you need your refill.

Your prescriptions will conveniently arrive by mail and delivered directly to your home!

Yes! We also offer name brand medications through our CanaRx pharmacy in Canada. The best part is your script will be filled free of charge with NO COPAY! Please see the CanaRx Enrollment Package with the formulary list of medications available through this pharmacy. Please note: In order to encourage usage, a $100 fee per refill is charged if your drug is available through CanaRx yet you continue to fill it through ProAct.

Specialty drugs are excluded from coverage under all medical plan options. However, many employees have researched alternative options and found either heavily discounted prices or even free options available to them through drug manufacturers or other sources.

Want More Benefit Info? Visit The Employee Benefits Microsite

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