Win Big with Our Big Ideas Challenge

We would like to re-introduce our Brilliant Ideas Challenge to the Enhance organizationWe challenge team members to introduce/develop new ideas and programs to ensure that all our Enhance brands continue to elevate the quality of our product offering. The Brilliant Ideas Challenge was developed to encourage our entire team to innovate – to think about HOW we continue to deliver differentiated value (including – better/faster clinical outcomes; higher patient satisfaction; superior documentation; comprehensive claims support). We believe that the best ideas almost invariably come from team members working most closely with our patients! Anyone who provides an idea that we implement will receive $500 and we will offer up to $10,000 in total as part of this challenge!! Team members can receive multiple bonus awards for multiple ideas, there is no limit on the number of times you can win!

All Enhance team members are eligible to participate!

We encourage you to work with your colleagues to generate creative ideas!

All Brilliant Ideas submissions can be sent to

In the spirit of sharing great ideas across the organization, all winners of the Brilliant Ideas Challenge will be announced right here on our intranet site as well as invited to give a 15-30 minute presentation to all senior management, Regional Managers and Supervisors!

We look forward to seeing all your creative submissions😀

Previous Brilliant Ideas Challenge Winners

Winners: Marc Brog (OTR/DOR), James Perez (OTR), Jordan Miskin (PT) and the entire Cliveden Nursing and Rehab Center team.


Brilliant Idea: Discharge Planning Starts Day 1.  BETTER → FASTER → SAFER

The therapy team would meet to review each new HMO admission that has the nH Predict Outcome Report once the evaluations are completed.  A realistic plan and length of stay would then be developed with the goal of enabling the patient to return home faster and safer with positive GG outcomes.  The target LOS would be 12 days (or less).  Attached is a sample Daily Scorecard, which was developed as a critical tool for this program, for resident tracking throughout therapy based upon a customized patient “Road to Home.”


The following areas would be reviewed by the treating therapist(s) on specific “critical” days to ensure we meet our LOS and outcome goals:

  • Mobility GG
  • Self-Care GG
  • Cognition
  • Medical Stability for in home tasks
  • Nursing communication (Pain, Refusals)
  • SW Communication (Equipment, D/C planning)
  • Caregiver Education including home safety checklists and handouts
  • Discharge Transportation
  • Emergency Response System
  • Client Satisfaction Survey

Supervisors and Regional Managers would monitor their GG scores on critical days throughout the stay (utilizing the attached Daily Scorecard tool).  This approach would guarantee that therapists are meeting the GG goals and that residents are achieving the LOS parameters with safety and discharge planning being addressed at regular intervals throughout the stay.

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