The Enhance Way

Enhance isn’t just our name – it’s what we do each and every day. From providing resources for our providers to improving patient care, everything we do is designed to enhance the quality of life for our partners and their valued patients.


When you see Enhance Therapies, you can feel secure knowing that you’re going to receive the support you need and deserve, whether you’re a patient or a provider.

We offer our partner providers the following services:


Executive guidance on financial, operational, clinical, and expansion-related matters.

Marketing & Business Development

Developing effective strategies for advertising and business expansion.

Finance, HR, & Recruiting

Effective, worry-free back-office support.

Contracting, Billing & Reimbursement

End-to-end revenue cycle management support.

Claims & Appeals Services

Supporting our partners fully through reimbursement challenges.

Compliance & Training

Applying proven best practices and a culture of compliance.

MDS Consulting & Staffing

Delivering comprehensive reports and adequate staffing.

Technology Innovation

Leveraging technology to help our partners innovate and enhance patient care.

Our family of therapy providers offer the following services:

Physical Therapy

Evolving beyond pain & disability.

Occupational Therapy

Doing what matters most.

Speech Therapy

Expressing thoughts effectively.

Respiratory Therapy

Improving respiratory health.

Wellness Services

Thriving mentally & physically.

In-Home Therapy

Bringing quality care to you.

Excellence & Expertise

A Shared Vision

Our team is comprised of experts throughout all areas of the healthcare services industry. We’ve combined our experiences to help therapy service providers reach their full potential through a proven process that’s been effective for 30+ years across more than 470 facilities.

A Clear Focus

We improve day-to-day operations by implementing our best-in-class management systems, including technology, business development, finance, HR, marketing, contracting, billing, reimbursement, and all other corporate services. We make it easier for our partners to provide exemplary care for their clients and patients. These systems and processes can be the key to success.

A Proven Plan

Helping providers grow is no small task. When you join the Enhance Therapies family, we’ll help you with technology, business development, finance, HR, marketing, contracting, billing, reimbursement, and all other corporate services – so you can focus on patient care and help as many people as possible.

Enhance has a multitude of therapists ready to serve in various settings: